Frozen Fresh Chorizo

Frozen Fresh Chorizo

If you've never tried fresh Beef Chorizo, you will not be disappointed.  The combination of the beef and the blend of spices make the Beef Chorizo a seasoned sausage that can be used to heighten the flavor profile of many dishes . Average weight:  5 pounds
How To Use Once cooked, it can be eaten by itself, added to corn tortillas for tacos, and even place on top of avocado toast for a quick and easy snack.

  • Delivery Information

    M5 Angus Beef is a home / business delivery family-owned company. All orders placed from Jasper County, GA have a minimum order of $15.00 for free delivery.

    All orders placed from Butts, Morgan, and Newnan County, Ga have a minimum order of $35.00 for free delivery.

    Orders can be placed using the payment method of cash or credit card on delivery.

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    M5 Angus has a no return policy, but we do have a customer satisfaction policy. If you aren't satisfied with your product, please contact us so we can make it right at